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January 1 is New Year Day in our Civil Calendar. 

More than that , January 1 is also the 8th day after Christmas Day (December 25); and in keeping with God's Command to  Abraham regarding circumcision of every male child ,  and in keeping the requirements of Judaism which Christ came to fulfill, JESUS was Circumcised on the 8th day, and on  that 8th day He was given the  Name -  Jesus-  as the Angel had directed at the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Like 1:26-38). 

So,  January 1st is more importantly,  FEAST OF THE HOLY NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST in the Christian Calendar. This is a commemoration. The Church is not implying that Christ was circumcised on January 1st, just like December 25th is not the actual date of the Birth of Christ, but a commemoration. No one knows the exact date of the Birth of Christ. What is known is the year, and what matters most is the commemoration and the honoring of the Incarnation. 

Christ promised us that if we ask anything in HIS NAME , He will do it according to God's will for us, if we follow and obey Him. 

I pray the Blessings of God in all dimensions be upon you this New Year and ALWAYS; In the Holy Name of JESUS CHRIST Our LORD and SAVIOR. AMEN. 

May God help us  Revere and Honor His Holy Name always,  as He commanded us.   

I pray that The Invocation of The Name of Christ and of God be of the highest reverence and honor, so that His Blessings may be upon us in ample measures. 

Next year, I pray  none of us be missing as we  Celebrate the 2019 Feast of The Holy Name of  CHRIST OUR  LORD. AMEN. 

Rev. Dr. Kingsley Jon-UbabucoRector. 



4990 New York Avenue, Arlington Texas 76018
Church: 817-417-7714   |   Rector’s Cell: 214-773-2254    |

The Head of The Church:   +  Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Savior

Bishop of the Diocese:           The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker, DD. SSC. Bishop of Fort Worth

Rector:                                             The Rev. Kingsley Obi Jon-Ubabuco, BA., MA., MS., M.Div.

Vicar Emeritus:                          The Rev. Canon Felix Akinkugbe      
Assistants to the Rector &          Mr. Emmanuel Okoroafor &

Lay Eucharistic Ministers              Mr. Charles Onwuka

Senior Warden:                                      Dr. Bartholomew Akubukwe

Junior Warden:                                   Dr. Geoff Ogbogu

Treasurer:                                             Chief Gabriel Ojo

Clerk of the Vestry:                          Mr. Obinna Jon-Ubabuco

Conventions Delegates:                    Chief Gabriel Ojo;  Dr. Geoff Ogbogu; Alternate: Dr Uzo Nebedum

Men’s Ministry:                                      Mr. Ossy Nwalusi,   Sir Charles Maduka;

Building Committee:                          Dr. Emeka Anwah (Chair)

Women’s Ministry:                            Chief (Mrs) Lois Obiyo; Mrs. Yetunde Abayomi; Lady Fola Adedeji;

                                                                        Mrs. Caroline Ojo; Mrs. Ify Jon-Ubabuco;  Mrs. Ogechi Mwalusi

Youth Ministry:                                   Mr. Chukwuudi Onuorah,

Children’s Ministry:                          Mrs. Ifey Jon-Ubabuco, Mrs. Nneoma Ogbogu; Dr. (Mrs)  Bertha Akubukwe

Organists:                                             Mr. Olukorede Oredope

Gospel Band:                                        Mrs. Ifeoma Nkeiruka Onwuka

Knights of St, Christopher:         Sir Moses Adedeji, MD, Lady Fola Adedji; Sir Ike & Lady Julie Iwuagwu

                                                                      Sir Charles Maduka, &  Lady Gloria Maduka;  Sir Ikenna  & Lady Amaka Emeruem
                                                                      Sir (Prof) Clement Anyiwo, MD;  Lady Ifeoma Anyiwo

Some of the Vestry Members (Vestry Retreat at Camp Crusis TX, 2017).

St. Philip-the-Apostle Anglican Church, Arlington  Texas

 is a Parish Church in the  Anglican Diocese of Fort Worth. This is a God-honoring, and faithful Diocese in Communion with the Worldwide Anglican Church. Here at St. Philip-the-Apostle Church, we  worship  God in the Anglican Tradition, proclaiming Christ as Lord and Savior. We use the Book of Common Prayer & The Hymnal, and our worship is expressive and vibrant.  Our  Theology, Preaching, and Teaching are sound and orthodox, and faithful to the Bible and to the 2,000 years of Christianity.


The Mission of 

St. Philip-The-Apostle Anglican Church, Arlington Texas is 

Proclaiming the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Helping Our Members and Other Develop and Grow Spiritually

And in Christian Love and Charity, Serving One Another and 

Our Community, and Engaging in Corporate Worship

And other Godly Activities for the Glory of God and 

The Expanse of His Kingdom.

  Thanks for visiting our website. If it is possible, please visit and worship with us at our physical location: 4990 New York Avenue, Arlington TX 76018. 
May the Lord bless and keep you and your loved ones, in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.  AMEN. 

Church Services & Programs
Holy Eucharist:    Every Sunday, 10:30AM

Second Sunday of the Month is Said Holy Eucharist  @ 10:00am,
followed by the
Principal Service, which is: Traditional Anglican Sunday Morning  Service.

Every Wednesday: Bible Study @ 7:00-8:00pm
Vicar-led Bible Study, followed by:   Evening Prayer/Compline @8:00pm. 

The Rev. Kingsley Jon-Ubabuco, Rector

(Vicar, June 2007 - March 2017;  Rector, March 2017 - Present )

St. Philip-the-Apostle Anglican Church of Arlington, Texas is a Parish Church in the Episcopal (Anglican) Diocese of Fort Worth, which is a God-honoring, Biblically faithful Diocese in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) and in Communion with the Worldwide Anglican Church. 

Here at St. Philip’s Church, we worship God in the Anglican Tradition, proclaiming Christ Our Lord, using the Book of Common Prayer. Our Theology, Preaching, and Teaching are Biblically-sound and faithful to the Faith and the Gospel as received, preached, taught, and proclaimed for centuries and from generation to generation. Our worship is vibrant and expressive, reflecting the African culture, from which most of our members originally came and have some connection. We usually have some refreshment, reception, and socialization following our services. There is always something interesting happening at St. Philip’s! This is a warm and lively congregation. Please join us if you are an Anglican living in the Metroplex and are looking for such a congregation as ours.

We know that there are thousands of African Anglicans in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex who are presently not worshiping in an Anglican Church. If you are such a person, we specially invite you to come and join us. Bishop Iker and the Diocese of Fort Worth have put a lot of resources in establishing and maintaining St. Philip’s so that we and our children (the future generations) may not lose our Anglican heritage and tradition. May the Lord guide and bless you. Amen.

Our Prayer

Prayer for St. Philip-the Apostle Anglican Church
Heavenly Father, pour down your Holy Spirit upon St. Philip-the-Apostle Church,
and grant us brighter vision of your Glory, a richer experience of your power,
increased faithfulness to your work, and a renewed dedication to your service
so that through our witness your Holy name be glorified and your Kingdom advanced
through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, now and forever. Amen